Stability & Longevity

Since 1999, MindCentric has been providing affordable business-class managed hosting services (now referred to as “the cloud” or a managed cloud service provider) for small to large businesses. We are proud to have bridged the gap between affordability and enterprise-level services. MindCentric provides high-quality affordable services with the flexibility and growth path that businesses need to meet their specific requirements and budget from startup to enterprise.

Customer Support

We take a unique approach to supporting our customers. Our support model ensures we form an intimate bond that leverages and maximizes your strengths with ours. We call this The Command Center, which consists of the following: (A) a scope of services designed for each customer’s needs, (B) our teaming support model, (C) the war chest application and system performance monitoring and tracking, and (D) our 24 x7 support teams.


Our services are 100% focused on managed IT services in the cloud, data centers, and office. We have deep expertise and certifications in all major areas, and most important, we are battle tested. Our team has been working together for 17+ years, providing business-class managed IT, hosting, and cloud services for all types of businesses.

Cost Savings

We save you money! How? 1) As a cloud owner/operator, we own all the infrastructure (computing, storage, etc.) that makes our cloud. For example, compared to AWS and Azure for cloud computing, we are 50% less expensive. 2) We are a managed services provider, which means we employ all the engineers who provide our managed services, vs reselling others. We can provide a team of technical experts at a fraction of the cost to hire. 3) We scope our service to each customer’s specific needs, staff, and budget, so you get the exact services without overpaying. Ask us for a quote and put us to the test!

100% Up-Time Network, Infrastructure, and Applications

We are very proud to say that our network and data center facilities have a 100% uptime track record. We also design, deploy, and manage 100% uptime infrastructure and applications. Our application uptimes and SLAs are designed to each customer’s requirements, which may not be 100% uptime. You may ask why not that level for everybody? The answer is, not everyone needs that level of redundancy, nor do they want to pay for it. For example, an established online business generating millions of dollars of revenue a month needs 100% uptime at all levels. On the other hand, a startup does not, and they can maintain a very high level of uptime at 99.9% while in startup mode. As the company grows, it can scale and grow into the required uptime levels that the business justifies. This will help ensure profitability as the business grows.

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