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  • What’s new in Zimbra 8.7

Zimbra Email Collaboration

Zimbra is the second largest business email platform in the industry. Zimbra is second to only Exchange/Office365. Many people do not know this, but Zimbra has more paid mailboxes then Google. The reason Zimbra is not as much of a household name, most companies and service provider privately brand Zimbra with their logo.

Zimbra-Collaboration-Overview-any-device Zimbra Collaboration is an open source messaging and collaboration solution, trusted by more than 5,000 companies and public sector customers, and over 100 million “Paid” end users, in over 140 countries. Zimbra includes complete email, address book, calendar, file-sharing and tasks, and can be accessed from the Zimbra Web client, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and other standards-based email clients and mobile devices. You can deploy Zimbra as a traditional binary install on Linux or through one of our many Zimbra hosting providers.

Zimbra 8 Demo and Introduction Video

Business-class email for secure communication

      • • Stay connected with business-class email, shared calendaring, file sharing, and tasks.
      • • Join the millions of people who trust Zimbra Collaboration for secure, professional email that keeps them in touch and on time, every day.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Save up to 50% compared Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365
      • • Save on licensing, hardware, and operations.
      • • Save with on-premises and cloud-based Zimbra Collaboration.

Collaborate anywhere, from any device

      • • Seamlessly switch among devices so you never miss an email or meeting.
      • • Easily manage your company’s devices with Zimbra Collaboration, including tools to set mobile security policies such as device wipe, PINs, and device-management features on user accounts.
      • Download: Zimbra Product Sheet

Zimbra Highlights:

  • Security to control your data
  • Lowest TCO of any business class email system
  • Any where, any time, any device
  • Client agnostic and full Outlook sync (email, email folders, contacts, shared calenders, tasks)
  • Full native mobile and tablet sync (ActiveSync)
  • Hosted cloud or dedicated cloud
  • Download: Zimbra Product Sheet

Zimbra Collaboration 8.7:

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device and now more Secure, and Private than ever

Zimbra Collaboration 8.7, the highly expected new Release of Zimbra, is here! The focus is on Security and Privacy while continuing our dedication to our Open-source community. Read about the new features below.

To help our customers and partners better meet security needs, Zimbra invested serious development time into the development of a new Two-Factor Authentication feature, and we have a totally new packaging system that helps in the Security and Administration of Zimbra Collaboration.

New Feature Highlights

More Speed and Less SpamZimbra Collaboration 8.7 comes with Postscreen at MTA level, postscreen daemon provides additional protection against mail server overload. By keeping spambots away, postscreen leaves more SMTP server processes available for legitimate clients, and delays the onset of server overload conditions.

Maximum SecurityThe Security of each individual user is a pre-requisite in modern Collaboration. Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 will include a native Two-Factor Authentication feature that doesn’t require a plugin at the Server or User Level, and it works with the most well know OTP mobile applications.

SSL Certs for all DomainsIf you have multiple Zimbra domains for email the wait for official support for Multiple SSL domains on a single server (SNI) for HTTPS connections is over! You are now able to publish multiple SSL Certificate using one single IPv4.

• More Security SoonerWith the new packaging system in Zimbra Collaboration 8.7, you will be able to apply security patches and Zimbra updates easier than ever before. Simply use your OS update commands, and all of your Zimbra packages will be updated as well.

Past Zimbra 8.6 Feature Highlights

Touch client for tablets and smartphones: The secure, HTML5 mobile web application provides a device-specific user experience for Android and iOS devices. The Zimbra touch client can be tailored through open APIs and fully white labeled. It delivers anytime, anywhere mailbox access, through a unique Zimbra experience, that keeps people connected to their data.

Offline Web client: Offline Web client support for Chrome and Firefox keeps Zimbra users connected, even when not taking advantage of native HTML5 data storage support. Users get the ability to work offline with access to one month’s worth of data. And, IT administrators benefit from an offline client that doesn’t increase the cost or management associated with a full desktop client.

Exchange Web Services: The latest release adds new Exchange Web Services (EWS) support, enabling all mail, contacts, tasks and calendar functionality in Outlook for Mac. Administrators can add Outlook for Mac to the list of supported clients for BYOD environments, and users get to choose whatever Mac desktop client they prefer.

Zimbra Social integration: Zimbra Collaboration 8.5 includes integrated support for Zimbra Social. Customers running both Zimbra products benefit from a shared user experience and single sign-on. Keeping employees connected to all of the collaboration touch points.

Document preview: High fidelity document preview is now available, allowing users to preview documents in their Web browser.

Feature Enhancements

Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook (ZCO): The Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook (ZCO) provides real-time, two-way syncing of mail, contacts, tasks and calendars between Outlook and Zimbra. The latest release adds support for traditional Chinese and improvements for system administrators including: syncing, connection security and share message support. Administrators can better support and troubleshoot issues with logging improvements. Users can now accept shared mail folders and calendars from Outlook without opening the Zimbra Web client and will notice improved performance when syncing a large number of messages.

ActiveSync Performance and Scalability Enhancements: Service providers running large-scale ActiveSync deployments will benefit from decreased computing resource costs and increased user density per server. Administrators can now add BlackBerry 10 devices to the list of ActiveSync-enabled devices that are supported for BYOD environments.

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