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Zimbra Landing Page 2

Hosted Zimbra Cloud Cluster Professional Basic
Pricing Options and Ordering Professional Business Basic
Term (pricing is per user) Annual Monthly Annual Only
1-200 users $4/user/month billed annually at $48/user/year $5/user/month with month-to-month plan $1/mo =$12/yr per user
200+ Call for big business discounts
1,000+ Call for enterprise discounts
10,000+ Call for ISP discounts
Dedicated Zimbra (Physical or Virtual) Click on Zimbra Virtual Server or Zimbra Dedicated Server
Zimbra EditionFull Professional Ed.Basic
Mailbox Size (need more space just call us)25 GB/user2 GB/user
Attachment Size100MB100MB
30 day rotating backup and restoresyesyes
2 independency layers of spam & virus protectionyesyes
Client agnostic: Zimbra Web & Desktop, IMAP, Outlook, etc yesWeb only
Zimbra Outlook connector: Full sync and sharesyesno
Shares: Mail folder, contacts, briefcase/docs, tasksyesno
Smartphone over-the-air sync for typesyesno
Domain Admin control to manage your usersyesyes
High-Availability VMware Clustered infrastructureyesyes
Web Application
Advanced AJAX Emailyesyes
Email Conversation Viewsyesno
Message Taggingyesno
Basic Searchyesyes
Advanced Visual Search Builderyesno
Attachment Searchyesno
Attachment Preview Renderingyesno
Zimlet Web Mash-upsyesno
AJAX Address Bookyesyes
Personal Distribution Listsyesyes
Global Address Lists (GAL)yesno
MS Exchange Interoperabilityyesno
AJAX Calendaryesyes
Group and Resource Schedulingyesno
MS Exchange Interoperabilityyesno
AJAX Tasksyesno
Documents and Folders - Shared and Personal
Sharing Folders and Filesyesno
AJAX Documents and Tasksyesno
Personal / Group File Briefcaseyesno
Shares with other users
Shared Foldersyesno
Shared Calendarsyesno
Shared Contactsyesno
Shared Document/Briefcasesyesno
Desktop Clients
POP / IMAP Emailyesyes
CardDAV / iCal / CalDAV Clientsyesno
Zimbra Desktop with Offline Access (Free Desktop client)yesyes
Apple Desktop Syncyesno
Outlook FULL Sync (MAPI) Zimbra Outlook Connectoryesno
Mobile Devices
Zimbra AJAX Mobile Clientyesyes
Zimbra Mobile for iPhone / Android / Windows Mobile / Palm (Any smart phone with ActiveSync)yesno
Zimbra Connector for BlackBerryOnly $3/BBno
Mobile Device Policy Managementyesno
Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus
Integrated Anti-Spam with Spamassassinyesyes
Integrated Anti-Spam with ClaimAVyesyes
Compliance / Archiving
Zimbra Archiving and DiscoveryFree with Pro$1/user/mo
Separate Storage SystemOnly $0.50/GBOnly $0.50/GB
For all users or only specific usersyesno
Customer Domain Administration Access
AJAX Web Administration Consoleyesyes
Domain Managementyesyes
Custom Class of Serviceyesno
Multi-domain Supportyesno
Delegate and Domain Administrationyesno
Rebrand Web Client UIyesno
Migration Toolsyesyes
MindCentric Support
Phone Supportyesno
Email Supportyesno
Support tickets & knowledge baseyesyes
Community Forums / Wikiyesyes
MindCentric Server and Zimbra Administration
Customer Support Team availabilityyesno
Severity Level 1 (Emergency): Response Timeyesyes
Severity Level 2 (Priority): Response Timeyesyes
Severity Level 3 (Non-Critical): Response Timeyesyes
Network Uptime SLAyesyes
Server Clustering / High Availabilityyesyes
Dedicated Customer Service Manageryesno
System and Email Advanced Monitoringyesyes
Red Hat System Administrationyesyes
OS management, patching, and upgradesyesyes
Hardware Break-fixyesyes
Security monitoringyesyes
Firewall administrationyesyes
Zimbra ZCS Network Edition application supportyesyes
Zimbra application monitoringyesyes
Zimbra application upgradesyesyes
Zimbra application managementyesyes
Database Administrationyesyes
Back up data administrationyesyes
Daily Backups / Restore with 30 retentionyesyes
Storage Managementyesyes
LDAP / MS Active Directory Support with approvalyesno

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Zimbra Landing Page 2 Zimbra Landing Page 2 Zimbra Landing Page 2