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Why we’re better

Our core business is managed services, “managing the cloud”. Most cloud providers focus on infrastructure and tools, and avoid talking to and supporting customers. We do the opposite. We engage with you. We consult and support you as much or as little as you need. In addition to cloud infrastructure, we provide managed support services tailored and priced to your needs and budget.

Dedicated Support Teams

dedicated support teams

Our objective is to augment your company with our services. We become a tightly integrated extension of your resources so we can provide valuable technical information and recommendations based on your business needs, not just your technology needs. We accomplish this with our Team Support Model, which is a dedicated team of individuals who are specifically assigned to each individual customer. This level of support is in addition to our 24/7 support center.

The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud

Public Cloud + Private Cloud + Dedicated Computing + Managed Colo = Ultimate Hybrid Cloud100% uptime with mindcentric

There are good business and technical reasons to use all the services listed above to give your company the best overall competitive edge. MindCentric can provide some or all of these services in a seamless, integrated high-performance computing environment. We will manage all aspects of a hybrid environment, configuring and allocating the blend of services so you have guaranteed quality of service.

Total Visibility

total visability

Where other managed service providers stop, we are just getting started. We monitor and log everything, even the things we don’t support. By monitoring everything in the environment, we have a holistic in-depth knowledgebase of facts. Then, jointly we can use this data to make smart fact-based decisions to accomplish any task. This is done with our “War Chest”, a proprietary application and system performance monitoring and tracking system. Each customer gets a private War Chest, so the data is private and customized to your specific needs.

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