Our start-up program consist of two paths, the Ramp and Equity Programs:

o Start-up Ramp Program: The Start-up Ramp program is designed to help start-ups get through the early stages. We want to help you when funds and resources are tight while having the foundation in place to scale into full production when needed. For qualified start-ups and based on the joint agreement, MindCentric will provide products, services, resources, and/or consulting to help your start-up where and when you need it. In the early stages, the services will be dramatically discounted and some services may be free.

o Start-up Equity Program: The Equity Program provides the same benefits as the Start-up Ramp program with additional and deeper benefits. MindCentric or its key officers will take an equity stake in stock shares/options in exchange for additional resources and help as you determine to get your company launched as quickly as possible.

Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partner Program is designed for partners who add value to our customers and integrate or complement our core products and services. For example, IT technology companies, system integration, digital marketing, content, e-commerce solutions, etc. This program is performance-based and has a tiered structure with benefits that increase along with your efforts and investment.

Technology Partners

Our technology partners consist of the industry leaders in hardware, software, and services. We have worked with all of our technology partners for years following our venting and integration program. In addition, we are technology agnostic, meaning we leverage multiple vendors in the same category to provide technology redundancy and more alternatives for your customers.

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