We can help you with your move

Are you ready to capitalize on the cloud, but the migration is holding you back? We eat and sleep this stuff and we are here to help you.

What needs moving?


  • We can help you with moves from your physical servers, virtual servers or another hosting company to our public cloud, private cloud, Hybrid Cloud, or custom service. We call these P2V (physical-to-virtual), V2V (Virtual-to-virtual), P2P (physical-to-physical).
  • Upgrade your operating system. Take advantage of this move to upgrade your older Windows (Windows Server 2003-2008) to the latest version you want.
  • Linux servers? No problem. We are huge fans of Lunix and we deep expertise to help you with your Linux migration.


  • Move your apps, content management system (CMS), content distribution network (CDN), and files systems.
  • We can host your MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle databases


  • Zimbra or Exchange Email system – Move to our Zimbra Professional or Zimbra basic, or to dedicated Exchange.
  • We can help you with your email migration to, from house-in, or another hosted email system of any kind
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Migration Options


For compatible moves

Free of charge we will perform like-to-like, or compatible system migrations from your existing physical or virtual environment to any of cloud or private environments. Regardless if you own the environment or it’s with another hoster, there will be zero or very little downtime.


For complex moves

For complex setups our Professional Services team will work with you to PLAN, TEST, and MIGRATE you seamlessly to any of your environments.

How it works

We will scope out a migration plan specific your needs and requirements based on this 6 step process.

  • Discover
  • Plan
  • Test
  • Migration
  • Re-test
  • Go-live

Contact us for a list of compatible systems

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