Want help with your Database administration?

We offer database architecture and design, to administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting – on any MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server running on any product from dedicated hardware to the MindCentric public cloud.

Pricing and Scope

We scope each project individually to ensure you’re getting the right level of service and not overpaying. By scoping the project it may be per server or one fixed fee for the entire scope or solution when there are a lot of repetitive tasks. This ensures you are getting the right level of service at the right price.

Two common service levels

Basic DBA administration and Maintenance Advanced DBA administration and Support

Basic database installation and configuration:

  • Installation of database software and basic configuration
  • Configuration of backups
  • Installation & configuration of clustering

Architecture and design

  • Architecture development and recommendations
  • Analysis and improvement recommendations
  • Database replication
  • Security and object administration
  • Database and schema export and import
  • Query optimization and log file maintenance
  • Configuration of mirroring and log shipping
  • Performance issue diagnosis
  • Performance consultations
  • Code analysis (review and recommendation of modifications to your SQL code)

Basic administration and monitoring

  • Managed patching and updates
  • Port monitoring
  • Upgrades of Microsoft SQL Server versions
  • Service packs (only at customer request)

Advanced administration and monitoring

  • Replication monitoring
  • Advanced restores from backups
  • Database migration within MindCentric DCs (For migrations from customer’s data center to MindCentric, a separate one-time fee may apply)
  • Disk backup at your request
  • Point-in-Time recovery
  • Customized maintenance plans
  • Modification of data beyond restores
  • Database health monitoring

Basic troubleshooting

  • Alerts and escalations
  • Service and database server failures
  • Database restore after a server failure
  • Selective or partial restores are charged on an hourly rate


  • Troubleshooting database maintenance operations, performance and availability issues in production
  • Database backup issues

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