Private WordPress Sites

Over the years and thought the different versions (5 magor releases) of our web site ( we have used Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Each has its pros and cons but WordPress has really matured nicely and we are big fans. Today, our site runs on WordPress.

Though the eyes of a marketing person we were suprised how many times we had to leverage our technical support teams to help with the set up, testing, and launch. Giving our own expereinces this is the reason we want to offer our customers WordPress hosting by providing preinstall hosted WordPress sites, and preconfigured WordPress hosted solutions designed for developed or savvy end-users.

This is not shared hosting, it’s a private Cloud server with your own install of WordPress

Optional services you can add, remove, or modify.

  • Managed support services
  • Backups
  • Load balancers
  • Upgrade to SSD
  • Scale out or up with additional server
  • Add CDN
  • Add geographic redundancy
  • Create a private server farm for large site or reselling
  • Add and/or resell email
  • DNS management


  • Presinstalled CentOS
  • Preinstalled WordPress
  • Full Linux Root access
  • Full WordPress Admin access
  • Use any of our preconfigured solutions
  • Upgrade or configure your own solution at anytime
  • Add any of our other services as needed
Pre-Configured WordPress Hosting Sites
Starter Production High performance
Single Cloud Server (small) 1-development cloud server (small)
1-production cloud server (medium)
Managed backups on both
1-development cloud server (small)
2-production cloud server (medium)
Load balancing on production servers
Managed backups on all
DNS management
CDN (content distribution)
Managed services included
$29/month $200/month $500/month

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