The Network

We are very proud to say that our network and data center facilities have a 100% uptime track record. The network was designed and built with the cloud in mind. Our cloud-optimized network runs on robust Juniper hardware allowing us to provide edge-to-edge agility thus reducing complexity and increase performance. The network is designed to support high-bandwidth applications in the cloud.

Enterprise class architecture

The enterprise network provides reliable, flexible IP services to customers located in one of our two Cloud and Colocation Data Centers. Each location boasts a state-of-the-art Juniper enabled architecture platform, complete with edge, distribution, and aggregation devices, interconnected via redundant 10Gbps links.

Network &IP Services

Each data center is equipped with multiple fiber entrances, and IP carriers deliver transit services via diverse pathways. From both data centers, MindCentric offers customers a burstable IP connection, delivering a blend of premiere transit carriers. Utilizing this multi-homed approach it provides customers with access to a larger and more diverse mix of direct Internet routes. Inherently redundant, customers are protected against an IP outage resulting from the loss of a single carrier. For enhanced performance we have implemented and manage BGP routing that take the most direct path with least amounts of POPs to your final Internet destination. Also, unlike most service provides, we include enterprise DDoS (distributed denial of services) mitigation protection built into the multi-homed network for your protect.

Cost effective, low latency transport

We have a nationwide 10Gbps transport ring (private network) that interconnects our San Diego and Houston data centers. In addition to providing access to connectivity available at either of our two centers, the ring provides the lowest latency transport available for customers leveraging services in both locations. Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Geographically Dispersed deployments enjoy lightning fast, low cost connectivity between centers.

DDoS Mitigation with Arbor Networks

In addition, customers leveraging the multi-homed network gain access to enterprise class DDoS Mitigation from Arbor Networks. Arbor Networks Peakflow TMS-4000 devices provide real time traffic analysis and mitigation capabilities. This is an added benefit included for each MindCentric customer.

Carrier Neutrality

Customers have the option to directly connect to one or more of the in-house fiber and IP transit providers.

Fiber carriers

Customers have the option to directly connect to one or more of the in-house fiber and IP transit providers.