Cloud Managed Services for Microsoft Azure

MindCentric Cloud Managed Services for Microsoft Azure combines the flexibility, scalability, and features of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform with MindCentric’s 17 years expertise in support and managed services. You can buy AWS from MindCentric and get the same AWS services plus our support to save you time and money.

  • We will help you avoid the complexity while saving you time and money
  • 17 years of managed services experience
  • 17 years of experience with Windows Server, Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint, etc.
  • 15 minute response time SLA to monitoring notifications
  • Dedicated account team with our teaming support model
  • Every customer’s needs and staff are different, so we scope our service to your specific needs and budget.
  • New or existing Azure: We can manage a new or an existing Azure environment for you.
  • 30- 55% cost saving with Hybrid Cloud (MindCentric private cloud + Azure), best of both worlds

Managed Services for the entire Azure lifecycle

You want to get the most out of Azure while reducing risk, time, and money. Azure design, migration, management, security, backup, and optimization are not your core business. Leave this to experts at MindCentric. Whether you a full life cycle services or just one, we will save you time and money, while keeping your business growing.

Plan & Design

Need help getting starting with Azure? Having the right plan and design from the beginning will save you money and time while avoiding risk. ____________________________ Azure cloud services from Microsoft have many products and 1,000s of features requiring a different skill set from a traditional Windows System administrator. The wrong design or product configuration can be very costly, and time-consuming. It can lead to downtime, huge productivity loss, and potentially lost data. Don’t wait for the problems to start, leave it the experts. The risk-rewards are easily justified.


We migrated 1,000’s servers to multiple clouds. We can help you migrate from a physical or virtual environment of any kind. ____________________________ Migrating your data and applications is a critical first step to set you up for success with Azure. It’s very complicated and risky. Most I.T. departments only do migration once every few years if that. It’s recommended to use experts who have experience with these challenges. At MindCentric we are doing migrations every day from every different type of environment imaginable.


17 years of experience providing 24 x 7 managed services. Plus, we scope our services to your specific needs and budget. ____________________________ Don’t pay for support you don’t need and don’t be left without the proper support when you do need it. For 17 years we have been providing 24 x 7 fully managed services to administer and support complex environment. Plus, we scope our service to meet your specific needs. This means you can have as much or as little support as needed to align with your staff, requirements, and budget.


Fully managed synchronized security across your entire environment in & outside of Azure. ____________________________ Hacker, thieves, and script kiddies are everywhere targeting everyone big and small. We have years of experience providing cyber security, and we provide synchronized security only available by the power of Sophos. The Sophos product suite covers your entire environment from firewalls, server anti-virus, and data encryption, to end-points, wifi, and mobile protection. The Sophs Heartbeat synchronizes and communicates all these for maximum protection only from Sophos.


Protect your data with fully managed backups with Veeam Enterprise onsite and/or offsite ____________________________ Backups should be a routine part of any I.T. department, but all too often they ignored and put off due to high priorities. Unfortunately, the issues go undetected until it’s too late and data recovery is required, but it’s unavailable or not working correctly. Outsourcing backups will ensure they are monitored, managed, and tested regularly to ensure that data is always available. MindCentric experience and experts to protect you. Plus, we use Veeam the industry leader is physical and virtual backups.


Ongoing assessment of your need and new Azure features to identify improvements ____________________________ Developing of your business applications on Azure should never stop. There are hundreds of new features and innovations Microsoft releases each year. Optimizing in-house is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to retain these experts. MindCentric ensures you are receiving maximum value from your Azure environments. We evaluate cost optimization and integrations of new Azure features on a regular basis. Plus, our automated tools assess your Azure environments and provide recommendations.

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