Cloud Info You Must Read, Before You Buy!

We have gathered some great 3rd party cloud information for you to review before or even after you have moved to the cloud.


Tony Scott’s advice for moving to the cloud

    Scott is ready to move the needle for federal cloud use, saying that “to fundamentally be successful, security has to be part and parcel of the stack.”
  • “I’m all for virtualization and things that make cloud work, but to preserve the exact same architecture in the cloud that you started with is a usually a bad idea,” he said.
  • “Even in the most mature cloud architectures, it still feels a little bit like the ’65 Mustang example,” Scott said. “We’re trying to slap on security, into the applications, the hardware, the [operating system], the network, storage and all that.”
  • “As organizations, we fail to capture the ‘as built’ drawing and use that as the basis for change,” he said. “That has to be built into the design.”
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