Compare Cloud Hypervisors

vSphere vs Hyper-V vs Xen vs KVM vs Openstack

Coming Soon

We are in the process of writing a hypervisor comparions. If you would like to get a pre-release draft, Contact us and say “I want a hypervisor Comparison” and we will send you a copy.

MindCentric is hypervisor agnostic. We support all the industry leading virtualization hypervisor platforms in our private and hybrid clouds. Why? We have been in business for a long time, (in terms of the Internet, since 1999) and we have developed expertise on all these platforms due our interest and customer demand. Like any product, they each have pros and cons that offer customers specific advantages to their business.

MindCentric supports and manages all these Cloud virtualization hypervisor platforms
VMware Microsoft Citrix Red Hat Open Source
vSphere Hyper-V Xen KVM Openstack