About Us

At MindCentric, “we manage the cloud”. Since 1999, MindCentric has been providing managed hosting services (now referred to as “the cloud”) for start-ups, large businesses, and everything in between. While other cloud providers simply focus on infrastructure and invest in self- service tools, so they can avoid talking to you, we take it much further. We engaged with you. We have dedicated teams of individuals who are there to talk to you and support you. We consult and support you as much or as little as you need. We provide managed support services tailored and priced to fit your needs and budget. Our goal is to ensure that your applications and business is fully functioning at all times. To accomplish this, we give each customer a private monitoring system that becomes your central nervous system to control, monitor, and track all activity in your whole environment. Another unique benefit of our service is our Teaming Support Model. We assign dedicated team members to each customer. The Teaming Support Model is a 1-on-1 relationship that augments your in-house staff, providing you with valuable resources and expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff. This allows you to focus on your core business while reducing cost.

Our Story

MindCentric is one of the pioneers in the managed hosting industry. We started as a software development firm called Spectria. When Spectria broke apart in 2002, the San Diego division became MindCentric. We were fortunate to start with a customer base and be profitable. As a software development firm, we were already doing managed hosting, as many of our customers required it. This seemed like a very natural progression; we knew the applications and all the technology they ran on. We just had to learn how to manage 24 x 7, and keep it secure, and reliable.

In 2002, nobody was doing managed hosting for the mid-market. There was only shared hosting and commodity dedicated hosting, or very expensive enterprise managed hosting services. We had a few bumps and bruises early on but our philosophy of customer focus (teaming model) and a “whatever it takes” attitude we were able to become the successful managed services provider we are today.

Snapshot of MindCentric History

  • 1999 Spectria San Diego, an application development company with 25 employees
  • 2000 First managed hosting customer
  • 2002 Spectria San Diego became MindCentric
  • 2003 Primary focus switches to managed hosting services from application development
  • 2004 MindCentric.com v2 launch
  • 2005 Expand into Los Angeles
  • 2006 First hosted Zimbra customer
  • 2007 Xen and VMware development partners
  • 2008 First virtual servers “cloud” in production on Xen
  • 2008 MindCentric.com v3 launch
  • 2009 Expand into Phoenix data center
  • 2010 First VMware vShere customer
  • 2011 Launch white label reseller program
  • 2011 MindCentric.com v4 launch
  • 2012 Expand into Houston data center
  • 2012 First Hyper-V 2012 customer
  • 2013 Launch equity investment partner program and contacted agent program
  • 2014 MindCentric.com v5 launch
  • 2015 MindCentric Acquires Special AI
  • 2015 Expand support team to east coast, New York
  • 2015 Microsoft Office 365 was added to compliment Zimbra and email services
  • 2016 Added SuperNAP / Switch to the data center porfolio
  • 2016 Added Zimbra talk and Zimbra 8.7

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