Windows System Administrator

Job description

We are looking for a Windows System administrator/​Engineer.​ Duties would include working with various clients managing a Windows Server and Hyper-V environment.​ The Windows system admin will be building, maintaining, and managing Windows server (not PCs) environments at our various data center locations in San Diego CA (Primary), Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix AZ and Houston TX.​ All work is on data center environments, on servers (most virtual) and storage systems.​ We do not offer office or PC support.​ The position works from the Carlsbad office 8am-4pm, with occasional off hours support.​

Required Skills and Experience

Experience with the following: minimum 5 years of Windows server system ministration experience. You should be able to work independent on most day-to-day tasks.​ We will provide Sr level support and escalation for very difficult tasks.
Work Experience: Minimum of 3 years windows server experience work with the same company.
Primary Requirements: Windows Server Sysadmin, Hyper-V, VMware, MS SQL (Basic maintenance not full DBA support), Active Directory.
Secondary Requirement: Managing Backups, Exchange, firewall management.
Nice to have: Some Linux experience is a plus to run occasion scripts and review logs.


Office location: Work at Carlsbad, CA office
Travel: To the main San Diego data centers (28 miles) 1-2 times per week.​ Travel outside San Diego county: Rare maybe 5%​

Sales Agent

Most lucrative compensation: earn 100% one-time referral fee or a 20% residual referral fee.
Easy and no experience required: Just introduce us to an opportunity. We will do the rest and you get paid.

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